Chiji Shop

“This is a brilliant piece of writing.” 

Dan Garvey

former President of Prescott College

Even after all these years, Chiji Cards are still my go-to processing tool and my most versatile team building prop (for obvious reasons, I have to say I am bias). If you ever see me with my backpack on, ask me for my Chiji cards – they are always with me. 

Dr. Chris Cavert


“Simpson covers both the breadth and depth of John Dewey and repackages his most essential and relevant ideas into a readable and approachable book… The result is an exceptional book.” 

Paul J Hutchinson,

Boston University

“It’s rare when a teacher requires you to buy a book for a class and you, number one, read it and, number two, enjoy it.”

Anonymous reviewer on,

referring to The Processing Pinnacle

Institute for Experiential Education