Chiji is a Chinese word that means key or special moment. It is not just the moment itself, but how a person reacts to it.

The Institute for Experiential Education’s line of products takes Chiji to heart and helps experiential educators to effectively process teachable moments with their groups.

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The impact of a Chiji moment depends on individual’s readiness and willingness to learn from an experience. Implicit in the word chiji is the belief that each person has the key to open the door to new and valuable opportunities.


Our Chiji-brand processing tools are designed to help experiential educators process or debrief more effectively.  Our books encourage educators to reflect on their own teaching styles and education philosophy. Each product, field tested for at least ten years, serves a specific niche in an educator’s spectrum of processing techniques.


Our full line of products include Chiji Processing Cards, Chiji Pocket Processor, and Chiji Processing Dice. Our library of books includes The Leader Who is Hardly Known, The Processing Pinnacle, The Chiji Guidebook , and Rediscovering Dewey.

Visit our store to find your Chiji tools!

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